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Website Packages Designed For You

Every website serves a different purpose and we want to build you a website that has the exact functionality you need. Get in touch with your requirements and we will provide you with a tailored package and pricing –  completely free of charge with no obligations.

However to give you a flavour of whats most requested we have outlined three of the most popular website packages below.

  • Hello World

  • Informative Content

  • Two Website Pages for Content

    Contact or Booking Form

    Company Email Set Up

    Website linked to Social Media Channels

    Ideal for Informative Content Sites

  • Content Creator

  • Blog Enabled

  • Three Website Pages for Content

    Contact Form & Company Email Set Up

    Website linked to Social Media Channels

    Built in Blog

    Ideal for Bloggers and Influencers

  • eCommerce

  • Online Store

  • Three Website Pages for Content

    Contact Form and Company Email Set Up

    Website linked to Social Media Channels

    eCommerce store for selling products online

    Designed for online product sales

Key Features of the Savanna Service

Of course we we will draft a specific and tailored proposal for your new Website based on exact requirements. If the above packages are not a match, we can design a tailored proposal for the website build you are looking for.

No matter what package is for you, you can be sure YOUR website will be secure, functional and attractive. Check out some of the key features of service delivery for all websites we build.

Personalised Websites

Our 1-1 consultations are an essential part of the SAVANNA experience. We want to deliver you a personal and bespoke Website so getting to understand your brand and requirements is top of our agenda. That way we have the foundations to build you a great Website.

Hosting & Domain Name Set Up

We take full responsibility for your website build from start to finish including Website hosting set up and Domain Name set up. The end product is a fully functional and interactive Website.

Responsive Websites by Design

Did you know more than 50% of all online transactions are via mobile devices? We ensure that your Website is functional and adjustable to all screen sizes and layouts so you never miss out on a customer interaction.

Secure Websites by Design

We build our websites with security in mind. SSL is a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between web browsers and servers.

Added Functionality

We can add money making elements to your Website such as a Shop for both physical and digital products, booking calendar, contact form, membership areas or a blog.

Post Launch Support

Once you have launched your new Website, you can choose to opt into one of our Maintenance Plans which aim to keep your Website Secure, Backed Up and Running 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme?

If you live in the Republic of Ireland you may be able to avail of the Trading Online Voucher deal. Under the scheme you can avail of up to €2500 to help develop an eCommerce Website for your business. For more information on the scheme visit your nearest Local Enterprise Office.

What Platform Do You Use?

At SAVANNA, we are premium WordPress Developers. WordPress is a Secure Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows you to host and build Websites. WordPress is one of the worlds most popular Website building platforms.

How Long does it take?

Depending on your specific requirements, complexity and scale of your Website the length of time it takes to build a Website can vary. At the proposal stage we will agree with you a timeline for completion of the Website complete with a launch date.

However for a medium size Website you should expect a 6 – 8 weeks lead time from start to finish.

Client Involvement?

The main time commitment from the client requesting the Website build is in the initial stages of the process as this is where we work with you to understand your vision and requirements for your Website.

At this stage we will ask you to complete a Website Questionnaire after which we develop a proposal for your Website. Once we have agreed the proposal, we will provide weekly updates to you and get you back involved to have your say during the testing and sign off phases. We like to keep you in the loop without burdening you with information.

What is a Website Proposal?

After you have completed our Website Questionnaire we will provide you a proposal which will outline the following:

  • List of the elements and functionality you want included on your Website
  • Agreed details on colors and branding for your Website
  • List of information required from you (content for the website) and date at which this needs to be provided
  • Weekly timeline of activities up until Website Launch
  • Launch date (subject to you providing all information agreed in the proposal on time)
  • Pricing
Where are You Located?

Although currently based in the West of Ireland we are a completely online based company.

We work with clients all around the world and utilise Zoom for calls and other innovative interactive online tools for working with our clients.